Who we are

A highly professionalized Business Process Lifecycle support for small, medium and big companies.

Berkeley Quandt Consulting Ltd at a glance

One of our major tasks is to provide perfect and highly professionalized Business Process Lifecycle support for small, medium and big companies. Berkeley Quandt Consulting is specialized not only in planning, supporting, setup, development and implementation of diverse IT projects but also in consulting for different software solution projects.

Berkeley Quandt Consulting provides you with the ideal solutions either for the entire company or for single divisions.

Berkeley Quandt Consulting Ltd.

Berkeley Quandt Consulting is an internationally operating service enterprise. We are working in diverse areas. We are focusing on customer requirements and needs in the area of Information Technology. Berkeley Quandt Consulting guarantees the highest quality and small prices. Near- or Offshore solutions with Berkeley Quandt Consulting will help to find the optimum to realize all of our customers’ needs and wishes. Our team analyses the project customer needs and requirements and offers always the best strategy and solutions.

We are experienced outsourcing partners always supporting our clients. We are able to run your complete software administration systems and ensure you cost reduction. With our support our clients have the energy and time to focus on their core strategies and business fields. Berkeley Quandt Consulting Ltd. is the optimal backup for its customers.

We have the perfect team for your project

Each IT project is unique, but nobody needs to start at point zero. There is always a history within IT projects and our teams will find the fundamental source that is worth to keep, re-design but sometimes they abandon and start fresh. Many times there are no qualified teams behind the IT projects to fulfil the tasks. We make sure that the perfect experts of our team will oversee your project. After an all-round analysis we will build your ideal team to work hand-in-hand with your staff and you in order to realize a sustainable project success.

The foundation and philosophy of Berkeley Quandt Consulting is to build, keep and work on strategic partnerships and long-term customer relations. Transparency, open communication and multicultural working environment are also important components of our success story and working style. Your goals are our goals. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Our satisfaction and stable success is based upon the performance of our employees. Our team is the cornerstone ofour extraordinarily successful work . We make sure that our staff members are happy, satisfied and engaged with their tasks and challenges. We are well aware that our success is based upon the work of our staff, our strong principles and future-oriented ideas.