Maintenance & Support

We take care of the maintenance and administration of complex information systems

Transfer your administration

Our experts have the experience and expertise in Unix-based systems, Java application servers and terabyte databases, distributed applications, distributed applications maintenance, implementation and configuration management

  • UNIX
  • Linux
  • BEA Weblogic Server
  • Sun Solaris
  • IBM Websphere
  • HP- UX

Our employees know it well how to work in complex "mission critical" environments, distributed systems, complex maintenance, service environments, etc.. Even in complex situations they always keep their composure. Our software developers help our clients in dozens of projects through consulting, project management, as well as with professional documentation. In our service packages the customized implementation of your projects is included, even for distributed IT systems. Administrators are often responsible for their business applications on their own. Important interfaces such as middleware, etc. are often neglected. The result is sometimes the surfacing of sudden and unexpected problems in the "mission critical" environments. Our customers can bypass this danger by our individual configuration management.