Human Resource Solutions

"Holistic and long-term..."

Transfer your administration

There are better and faster solutions - the Berkeley Quandt Consulting Competence Center. Our human resource outsourcing services ensure that our customers will have no critical points in their projects.

We do not know everything, but we know something for sure

  • We know where your new employee is and the solution to your staff problems
  • Get in touch: Together we work out the right answers for your questions
  • You do not know who or what you are looking for? You just know that something is missing
  • We support you individually whilst defining your needs and take over the complete search for you
  • We work out with you the right solution for your business or institution in order to keep the staff flexibility

How can your company benefit from HR outsourcing?

  • You receive only one invoice for the booked service.
  • You have no direct and above all, no indirect personnel costs.
  • All candidates are assessed in our competence centre
  • We find the suitable candidates for you./li>
  • We conduct all the first, technical interviews for you.
  • You will receive only the "best " candidate for your personal interview.
  • Payroll
  • Labour market compatibility
  • Employee layoff

Why should we conduct your projects?

  • With our experience and resources, we lead your projects to success
  • We give 100 % for you
  • Our performance-oriented specialists identify with your projects
  • We not only know what time management is, but we also know how it works

Why the Berkeley Quandt Consulting HR Competence Center?

  • Extensive experience in personnel recruitment
  • Excellent References
  • National and international specialists ( administrative and technical)
  • Project Lifecycle Management - for each task the right team !

How do we work for you?

  • Quick and efficient analysis of the current company situation and targeted optimization processes. Finding the answers to the needs and wishes of our client mandates
  • Quick adaptation to changing requirements during ongoing projects and processes
  • Our team is your team
  • Your projects will benefit from our know-how that has been developed for years and is well-established
  • Professional and highly competent recruitment for your successful IT project team
  • Our professional experience and highly qualified staff guarantee the success of each of your projects