"Search for, appreciate and keep..."

When do you need our Services?

  • If you are looking for a professional and affordable personal for your project
  • If you need experts who bring essential skills that your company does not have internally
  • If your enterprise is in need of any conventional or unconventional human resource development strategie
  • If your employees cannot perform the tasks they are given
  • If your company is often subject to strong seasonal fluctuations.
  • If the case of personnel shortages of any kind

We do not know everything, but we know something for sure

  • We know the solution to your staff problems
  • Get in touch: Together we work out the right answers for your questions
  • You do not know who or what you are looking for? You just know that something is missing
  • We support you individually while defining your needs and take over the complete search for you
  • We work out with you the right solution for your business or institution in order to keep the staff flexibility

Permanent or temporary recruitment

  • Time factor: We provide the optimal recruitment process. During the initial discussions with the staff and project managers we create a job profile., We support you through the assessment of the candidates and the interviews.
  • The cost factor: To create the job profiles, , to go through the applications and to conduct the interviews on your own could mean an enormous expense.
  • Large pool of applicants
  • Professional personnel aquisition
  • Agency competence

For the Applicants of Berkeley Quandt Consulting

  • We prepare candidates optimally for successful interviews with our clients
  • We practice different interview scenarios with them
  • Together with candidates, we develop a comprehensive strengths/weaknesses profiles
  • Togehter with candidates we take all the hurdles
  • With us, the candidates become not just experts in their profession, but also experts in self-marketing
  • Our Jobportal as your centre of search

Your Benefits

  • Do you feel like many companies and institutions in Germany and Europe? You cannot find the right personnel on the market?
  • Benefit from our national and international experience, from our excellent know-how and network.
  • Our knowledge of various industries and corporate cultures allow us to find successfully the right employees for permanent or temporary jobs for our customers.
  • We cooperate closely with you in order to recognize which technical and social skills are the right ones for your business and the positions concerned.
  • Our integrated service approach is reflected in the professional biographies of our specialists and managers.
  • Diversity is a component of our success. We rely on diversity and international spirit.
  • Our employees come from different knowledge areas and environments, with academic training or profound professional expertise acquired through many years of work.