Process management

We are experts of the widely known and well-established BPM and Process management methods.

Within a globalized market structure enterprises face various challenges and are often fall prey to market volatility. Companies that want to create a future market and work as leading market players often need to make major changes to their business processes and strategies. Berkeley Quandt Consulting is an expert of the widely known and well-established BPM and Process management methods. We enable our clients to optimize their business processes in a short time.

The technological progress, such as service-oriented architectures, software-as-a-service, configured application environments, cloud computing can generate significant added values for enterprises. They can also be huge challenges for companies. To cope with them, companies strengthen themselves in all sectors and countries with Business Process Management BPM and apply this to more resources.

Berkeley Quandt Consulting supports and oversees organizations and enterprises in the successful management of change through the development and implementation of scalable, efficient and flexible business processes that provide both immediate and long -term competitive advantages. While many consulting firms offer assistance in certain aspects of the BPM, the comprehensive range of skills, methods and instruments of Berkeley Quandt Consulting ensures rapidly gained values, measurable results and the development of sustainable and successful BPM solutions.

Prerequisite for a successful BPM project is that the management understands the nature of BPM. Many executives ask what BPM is. A BPM solution requires a holistic method for the integration of the technology as well as a planned phase. As a result one can clearly see an improvement of business processes, such as the reduction of costs.

To be successful while using BPM, it should be an integral part of the corporate culture through all levels of the organization within an enterprise. The economic situation of every business is different and depends e.g. on the market position, the respective market shares as well as on the region. Therefore, business plans and strategic objectives of the companies often differ dramatically. Through a comprehensive range of ways of thinking, frameworks and tools we as Berkeley Quandt Consulting offer our customers the following benefits and you as our customers can expect from our support:

Rapid value. This value could be achieved through a proven and strictly followed Berkeley Quandt Consulting encoder and BPM based methods that are supported by extensive industry knowledge and functional expertise. Thus, organizations can quickly realize the value of their investment in BPM by the optimized development of the business. We generate for you measurable results. We provide BPM in the centre of the implementation of business change processes. This allows our clients and us a more flexible connection to people, processes and technologies. By working with a network of strategic alliances and through its highly qualified and certified professionals we as Berkeley Quandt Consulting are able to assist in the standardization, optimization, automation and innovation of business processes and help our customers achieve measurable results both quantitatively and qualitatively. Berkeley Quandt Consulting relies therefore on a set of specific resources, for example:

  • BPM-Experts (both in BPM Lifecycle Management as well as BPM Automation)
  • Strategic alliances
  • Skills and practices with lifecycle management to ensure our clients a measurable process improvement.

Some already established on the market methods:

  1. Experimental - high-level: based on a qualified group of executives
  2. Classifying - Examining certain key areas (eg, IT governance, general processes and methods) with the focus on actual process owners.
  3. Comprehensive - Assessment through all organization areas and levels and studies of business-critical processes.

These methods are not just, inter alia, used in studies to investigate in individual departments but also in the evaluation of entire companies.

We as Berkeley Quandt Consulting support companies when introducing outstanding business processes and provide our customers with a complete "process of process management" with tools and trainings to enable them to cope with future challenges, to realize possible chances and take them. We develop solutions that can manage our clients with the help of our BPM specialists or solutions that are managed by Business Process Outsourcing. We from Berkeley Quandt Consulting work out with the BPM tools market-leading solutions that enable the creation of maximum value and flexibility for our clients and partners.